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Cuteness Machine

April 20, 2009

This past Saturday was National Record Store Day which is a celebration of independently owned record stores.   I was telling a friend about it and how I was excited by the prospect of some fat and sassy deals on some CD’s.  However, instead of sharing in my excitement she pointed out (correctly) that I don’t own a turntable and that most of the aforementioned sweet deals were only on records.  This was sobering news.   Out of spite for my loss of sweet deals I questioned why people even like records given that they lack many of the conveniences of digital music.  Turns out there is a reason, so I shut up about the subject.

Whatever your feelings on turntables might be, there is one undeniable use for them, and that is spinning inescapable webs of cuteness.  There are many ways a record player can be turned into a cute producing machine, however, the best is to place animals on them.

“But come now Taylor, how can that be?”, you might ask.  Well, I can best answer that with a simple math equation:

Kitten = Cute

Spinning = Fun


Kitten + Spinning = Cute Fun  (Or torture, according to some)

Above anything else the internet serves as a medium for the most perverse pleasures imaginable, so it was easy enough to find the video below.

My friend Tricia, of Stickers and Donuts fame, found this similar cuteness below.  Which is better?  That is for you, dear reader, to decide.

DJ Spinning Weiner?

DJ Spinning Weiner?