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NES Duck Tales Moon Music

February 23, 2009

Patrick and I proudly present to you one of the best 8-bit songs of all time, The Moon Theme from the NES gem “Duck Tales”, based on the show of the same name.  Composed by Yuukichan’s Papa of Mega Man fame.  Enjoy!



February 20, 2009

We’ve all heard about how in certain parts of the world dogs are eaten by people.  Where exactly that is varies upon who you talk to, but if you ask me I’ll tell you it happens right here in the U.S. of A. (well at least in Chicago, which is perhaps the most barbaric of all major US cities).  Allow me to explain.

On our way to and form work my roommates and I grew accustomed to seeing a large man lumbering down the sidewalk with a tiny dog every morning and evening.  The animal on this man’s leash didn’t acutally look the part of a dog but rather a large, diseased cat or a throw pillow.  Now why would such a man have such a dog, we asked.  Our hypothesis were these:

  1. He was walking his girlfriend’s or wife’s dog (possible)
  2. He actually liked the thing (unlikely)
  3. He was raising it with the intention to eat it (obvious)

It can be reasonably assumed that the large man was plumping up Food-Dog for Thanksgiving (very much like the witch did with the children in Hansel and Gretal) and that was the reason for the animal’s continued existence.

Thanksgiving passed and we continued to see Food-Dog most days and we began to have doubts about Food-Dog actually being eaten.  However, fate was not so kind to the poor, delicious Food-Dog.  Around Christmas time, all sightings of Food-Dog ceased, and I think it is safe to say we all know what happened to the ill-fated beast.  One can only imagine the scene on Christmas Day when the large man unveiled the culinary masterpiece that was months in the making.  I’m sure if he had a family they were horrified.  His only response to interrogations by his family as to the reason why he slaughtered and cooked what they thought was their family pet was “It tastes so good.  My God,  you have no idea.”

However, where there is death there is also life.  Just yesterday, Patrick and I feasted our eyes upon the site of a brand new Food-Dog being walked by the same large man.
We gave the man and the dog both a knowing smile and walked on.

One of many ways a food-dog can be served.

One of many ways a food-dog can be served.

The Real Mr. Ed

February 13, 2009

Mr. Ed and Oats

Oh dear, oh dear.

February 12, 2009

Disaster!  Patrick’s Street Fighter training will be postponed indefinitely until he recovers from a back injury he sustained fighting on some streets.  Actually, the more likely scenario is that he hurt his back playing the drums on Guitar Hero for two hours and, sadly, he may never recover his old street fighting form.  This is particularly crushing given that Patrick had worked his way up to the 8-star level difficulty in Street Fighter 2.

However, as they say, when one door closes another opens.  Patrick has purchased Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the Sega Dreamcast.  Yes, the Dreamcast.  Not surprisingly we own an embarrassing amount of game systems at our house,  last I counted we had seven different kinds of platforms.  Anyhow, as Patrick continues his rehab assignment in the Street Fighter Development League that is Marvel vs. Capcom 2 we will keep you posted.