First Post (Mission Statement)

Hi!  We’re Patrick Ehlers and Taylor Anderson you’ve had the misfortune of stumbling upon this Technological Terror we’ve constructed.  We’re not too proud of it, however, we urge you to read on.  This first post (mission statement) will serve as an introduction to the two of us and our lifestyles.  Lifestyle?  It’s actually possible that we are slowly fusing together to become the same person.


  • When first viewing elevator doors (from the inside), our first instinct is to kick them, with our right foot
  • The most frequent youtube search on both our computers is “NES Ducktales Moon Music“.
  • Track 8 “The Prophet Song” on Queen‘s Night at the Opera: AWESOME.
  • “I looked down the barrel of the gun and I believed. I thought it was my destiny to get into this place. And someone died—a kid. Because he was stupid enough to believe that I knew what I was talking about. And the night that he died for nothing, I was sitting right up there, all alone, beating my hand bloody against that stupid door—screaming to the heavens asking what I should do. And then a light went on. I thought it was a sign. But it wasn’t a sign. Probably just you going to the bathroom.”  We both believe this.
  • Various other and sundry reasons.

Expect a post every weekday.   So expect it to be up sometime around noon every weekday with the possible exception of every major and minor holiday.

As some of you may know, February 17 is the US release date of Capcom‘s highly anticipated Street Fighter IV.  In preparation for this monumental occasion, Patrick will be undergoing stringent combat training under the harsh tutelage of Taylor.  While the training regiment has yet to be determined, we will keep you posted on Patrick’s progress as he experiences the staggering highs and devastating lows of Street Fighting.


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